Tuesday, May 9, 2017

We're Back!

Hello! It's been a while. Ok-a LONG while! We have been super busy.We had a lot going on this past year. We started 2nd grade last July, and we are STILL in 2nd grade! Lol! We have just had lots of breaks this year.

In August, my Mother in Law passed away suddenly. We got a call on Sunday that said "Be in TX tomorrow, and bring nice clothes."  So, we went to TX and attended the funeral. When we got back, we were thrown off track, and took a while to regain our focus. Once the Holidays came around, we were basically useless with schoolwork, so we took another break. In January, we decided to move to TX, so AGAIN-no school was getting done. We were packing and getting ready for our move. We moved in Feb, but we lived with family for 2 months while we waited to close on our house. Again-not much school happening. We have been in our new home for 3 weeks now, and we have really just now picked back up with our school work! So, we are still working on 2nd grade, technically. We've worked on reading and math during the chaos, but that's about it. The beauty of homeschooling, though, is that none of this really matters! We just plug along at our own pace.  Right now, the focus is on finding some awesome activities and/or groups to jump into, and to make some new friends. We are exploring our new city, and getting to know our surroundings.

We did find an awesome co-op to get Lily into, and she is loving that so far. She takes archery lessons and does a co-op class. Now, we are getting into a groove with our schedule and slowly getting a school routine going. We are starting back with FIAR for now and using Singapore math and a full language arts program from WinterPromise. We will be using WinterPromise Animals and their Worlds for our full curriculum in a couple of months. We just need to ease back into schooling for now.

So, hello again! We are back. Our next row is going to be The Story of Ping. Lots of fun ahead with that one! :)

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