Saturday, July 27, 2013

Beaches and Berry Picking

I totally lost my motivation to continue with our home school units once the weather got nice. The great thing about homeschooling is that we can continue whenever we want. We have been doing lots of fun things this Summer, and Lily is learning lots, anyway. :)

I actually took a REAL vacation this year. I rarely take a whole week off, but I decided that I needed it, even if we just stayed close to home.

We went to the beach this week, and Lily found some friends. She was SO excited to watch these sand crabs that we bought her a hermit crab to observe at home.

My oldest daughter actually joined us at the beach. She is 17 now, so she doesn't want to hang out with the family so much anymore. We managed to get her to the beach. Gia loves to surf, so she tried to teach Lily how to use her little kick board in the waves. I actually got a couple of "normal" pictures of Gia. Lily enjoyed her special "Sissy time."

We went berry picking yesterday. I was so excited to find a U-pick blueberry patch! We got lots of yummy blueberries and blackberries. I love blueberries-I can eat a pint in one sitting. I need to find some recipes to use some of the berries in. Blueberry/blackberry cobbler sounds really good. I'll have to get on Pinterest later and find some new recipes. I have to do that later when I have LOTS of time. I lose myself in Pinterest for hours sometimes. I have an addiction.

 We managed to get Gia out of the house with us for this outing, too! She wasn't thrilled to have her picture taken this time. :) 

I've been getting things organized to continue with our MFWK units soon. We just need to get on a schedule and stick to it. That is so much easier than it sounds. Our next unit is MOON. Lily will enjoy that-she is really into playing spaceships and space right now. :) We got a Waldorf Playstand and right now, it is decorated to go with the Moon theme. I'll post pics of that with the post on that unit. It's really cute! Hopefully we will get going on the Moon unit next week, so I'll have more to post then...