Wednesday, February 10, 2016

MFW First-check in!

We are on week 11 of MFW first grade. We are loving it! I don't update weekly, because there is a LOT of focus on phonics, and I don't really think anyone wants to see pics of phonics being taught. :)  It is a good, solid program, though. Lily's reading has improved tremendously since we started, and we are not even half-way through. We are enjoying MFW world so much that I have already ordered Adventures for second grade. Looking through the curriculum made me excited for next year! 

Here are some of the things we have been up to:

We talked about trees-different kinds of trees, their bark, and how trees are homes to many different things. We also talked about how counting the rings on a tree stump will tell you how old the tree was.

We talked about seasons, and how the position of the sun/Earth will affect them.

We have done a LOT of hands-on math!

We have played Restaurant and Store to help with math skills.

We have learned about the water cycle and weather, and done lots of experiments.

                                Water cycle in a bag.                                                 Rain Gauge


                                                                                 Cloud in a Jar

                                                                         Making it rain in a jar.


We have talked about rivers, and made a water filter to show how rivers filter water with sand and rocks.

We have also worked on handwriting and art. 

This week, we will  begin our Bible reader and Notebook. So far, we are having a great time with MFW! We will check in again soon!

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