Monday, February 2, 2015

Moving Beyond the Page-Rain

This week, we read the book, Rain-by Robert Kalan. It was a very short, simple book. Lily really enjoyed this one. The first thing she noticed about the book was that the rain drops were actually the word "rain."

Our first project was not in the manual. I had been saving this tube for a long time. I knew it would make an awesome rain stick! So, we coiled up some aluminum foil, and poured some rice in with it. I taped the ends on, and let her decorate the tube. Lily worked on the rain tube for over an hour!

For math this week, Lily added and subtracted rain drops.

Lily made a rainbow book, and colored the letter "R" rainbow colors. 

Lily spent a lot of time with the die-cuts in this unit. She made different scenes with them.

Towards the end of the week, she made a more permanent scene.

We had fun with a couple of science experiments. Lily LOVES science, and would spend an entire day doing nothing but experiments. The first one was to put steaming water in a glass cup, then a plate and ice on the top. The cold mixed with the warm water produced "rain" on the sides of the cup.

 Really excited for something to happen!

The second experiment was to put a "cloud" on top of the water. (Shaving cream)  We put "rain" (food coloring) on top of the cloud, and Lily got to see what happens when the clouds get too heavy. It rains!

Lily painted a rainbow. This was supposed to go outside in the rain, but it didn't rain this week. She sprayed it with a water bottle instead. I love how she is holding the plate of paint. She said she was an artist with her paint. :)

I made a fun little "cloud" snack for Lily to eat while she worked. 

Lily approved! Yum! (She is in a silly face mood for pictures all of a sudden)

We have been working on Lily's reading and writing with McRuffy phonics. She is really enjoying the program. We are moving slowly through it, because Lily's fine motor skills just weren't there yet. Her comprehension is great, though!

I did find some pop beads to hep with some fine motor skill development. Lily loves to make jewelry, and this activity doesn't frustrate her like some fine motor activities do.

A really exciting thing happened this week! Lily lost her first tooth! It has been loose for a few weeks, and it was finally ready! Such an exciting time for her. :) 

That was our week. I probably could have added some more, but the restoration people were in and out finishing up the repairs from our leak that happened before Christmas. Oh, and I broke my toe by slamming it into a chair, so I really tried to sit as much as possible this week. :)  Next week, we are going to be working on Night in the Country-by Cynthia Rylant.

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