Monday, August 24, 2015

FIAR-Madeline (2nd Row)

This week, we rowed Madeline, by Ludwig Bemelmans for a second time. Madeline was our very first row EVER. We did it over a year and a half ago, and it was such a great row! I knew we would re-visit this one. Lately, Lily has been interested in the human body, so I thought now would be a great time to row Madeline again. (Our first row of Madeline can be found here: Madeline: 1st Row)

I've also started a FB page, just so you can keep up with us on a more daily basis-I get behind in my blog posting sometimes. Here is our new page:    Stop by and say "Hello!" :)

Our fist activity was to put together the Squishy Human Body model. At first, Lily didn't want to touch the organs, but she realized that it wasn't gross. She really had a lot of fun with this. There is a great book that goes along with it, and it talks about the "journey" your food takes from the time you chew it, until you complete the digestion process.

 A few months ago, I got a bundle of Rock N Learn DVDs from Groupon. Lily loves them. We watched the one about the Human Body a lot this week. She just kept asking to watch it over and over again. :)

We drew a scar, just like Madeline's. This didn't last long. Lily wanted it off as soon as we drew it.

We got the board game: Somebody- from It is really cute. There are 5 different human body games, and it teaches a lot of information about the body. Lily beat her dad and I in this game. :)

 For art this week, Lily drew the old house in Paris twice: Once was Monochromatic and the other was in full color-just like some of the drawings in the book.

We also made a Madeline "doll" out of a toilet paper roll. 

"They left the house at half-past nine..."  We used this line of the book to talk about time. Lily worked on telling time a LOT this week. I put some analog clocks and digital times in her Education Cubes, and she had to match them up.

She watched her Rock N Learn DVD about telling time. We tried learning to tell time a few months ago, but she wasn't interested. She is ready to learn about it now.

We played a game that teaches telling time. I've mentioned before that I am a SimplyFun playologist, and that I sell educational games for use in homeschools. We use them whenever possible. This one is amazing for learning to tell time. You can grab it here. 

 We watched a LOT of Madeline this week. The animated series is on Hulu Plus, and the movie was on Amazon for rent. I think we will be watching the animated series for a long time. Lily loves it.

We talked a lot about Paris, and the different landmarks in France. We went to Google Earth and checked out several, then Lily made a collage of the well known landmarks in France.

Lily also colored the France Page in her Around the World coloring book, and completed some pages from the FIAR Fold N Learn. It was a great week! Next up: Storm in the Night.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

FIAR-Night of the Moonjellies

This week we read Night of the Moonjellies, by Mark Shasha. This was a very cute book. It can be hard to find right now because it is now an out of print book, but it is worth finding. The author tells a story of his life when he was a young boy. He finds a moonjelly on the seashore, and goes on a fun surprise trip with his grandmother.

We went to Nag's Head a few weeks ago. While we were there, we saw some moonjellies on the beach. Lily was excited to see them. She didn't touch them, even though they don't have tentacles. They were all over the beach!

The first thing we did was place our story disk-the book did not specify what state the story took place in. It just said New England, so Lily chose Maine. 

After this, we discussed the New England states, and located them on a map. We also did the pages from the FIAR Fold N Learn that talked about the New England states. We are going to start notebooking, so we are saving all of our completed pages and art work for the notebook.

  I made an ocean sensory bin this week. I colored some rice blue and added some ocean creatures. Lily informed me that I needed a layer of black rice underneath the blue to make the Midnight Zone. (She's been watching the Octonauts a lot lately.)

We made some "moonjellies" for the tub. (They are just glow in the dark bracelets in zip up sandwich baggies.)  Lily soaked with the moonjellies for a while.

After her bath, we had some popcorn and orange soda while I read the book.

Lily pretended that she had her own restaurant like the one in the story. She made menus and passed them out to all of us. She was to use descriptive words for the food. She got a little silly with that. :)  She spent a lot of time pretending that she was getting me food this week. We talked about owning her own restaurant. Lily said she wanted to be the person who served the food, not the person that cooked it.

We made a jellyfish. This turned into a hat later on in the week. The legs also became ribbons after our cat ripped the legs off of this one. I don't have a picture of the finished product. 

For math this week, we focused on money. We discussed the different coins and how much they are worth. We are using Right Start Math this year, and this was our lesson this week-it worked out perfectly! We also watched our Rock N Learn movie about money. Lily LOVES her Rock N Learn movies!

 We talked about the responsibility of taking payment for the foods in the restaurant in the story. We also talked about each person's responsibilities in the restaurant, and then we discussed Lily's responsibilities at home: Keeping her toys picked up, feeding the dogs at night, etc.

I found a  jellyfish packed on Teachers Pay Teachers, and we did some activities in that. One of Lily's favorite activities was to make sentences out of the different ocean creatures.
You can grab the jellyfish pack here:

 Having fun!

The FIAR cookbook had a recipe for a lobster roll, but I couldn't find the lobster I needed. I found this lobster spread in the seafood section, so we tried it instead. 

Lily did NOT like it. (Neither did I.)  We will have to try a real lobster roll later on down the road. I'm sure the real thing is great!

We played Ocean Limbo-a super fun game with ocean creatures. I am actually a Playologist with SimplyFun educational games, and we use them in our schooling whenever possible. If you have never heard of SimplyFun, check out my site here: There is even a deal for homeschoolers!

Lily worked on a coloring book page that had information about the state of Maine.We have a coloring book that has info on all of the states.

We watched "The Octonauts and the Jellyfish Bloom"  Octonauts is one of Lily's favorite shows. 

We made the rest of the recipes in the FIAR cookbook-French fries and onion rings. They were very good! 

  We did a few more art projects, and pages for our notebook. We made a watercolor jellyfish, and labeld the New England states. This was a fun week. We could have added a bit more, but Lily was going to VBS in the evenings. I was thinking of extending the book out for another week, but Lily was excited to get started on our next book-Madeline! We may come back and row this book again next year. ;)