Monday, July 20, 2015

FIAR-The Glorious Flight

This Week's Row was The Glorious Flight by Alice and Martin Provensen. It was about Louis Bleriot, the first man to fly over the English Channel. There was a lot to learn about in this book, and we had a fun week!

 We started off by placing our Story Disk on France, where Louis Bleriot and his family lived.

Lily tried some French bread and butter. She decided that she liked it. (She wasn't sure about it until I buttered it up for her.)

I printed out some worksheets from and I printed out the FIAR Fold N Learn for the book. We picked a few of the worksheets to work on this week. I don't really do them as lapbooks. I just choose the worksheets that she will find the most interesting and we do those.

We talked about different means of transportation. First, we talked about other ways to fly. Lily thought of a few: hot air balloon, helicopter, rocket.  Then, we talked about other forms of transportation. Walking, cars, trains, skateboards, bicycles, etc.  

We talked about Onomatopoeia. Lily had fun with this concept. She ended up getting in her silly mood, and making all kinds of silly sounds. 

We talked about England. In the book, Papa Bleriot saw the White Cliffs of Dover. We looked them up online, and found out that they are made out of chalk. We also talked about Big Ben. We looked both places up on Google Earth. Lily said she would like to visit the White Cliffs of Dover and Big Ben. Maybe one day, Lily-that would be an amazing field trip!

We made LOTS of paper airplanes and Lily spent most of the week throwing them around the house. She even made paper kitties and taped them to the wings. She said they were passengers.

In the book, Louis Bleriot  names his planes using Roman numerals. We discussed them a little, and learned 1-10. We used craft sticks, and made a clock using Roman numerals.

  We talked about the past. We could tell in the book that the story took place a long time ago by looking at different things. The clothing, the cars, etc. We read this book to talk a little bit more about how things have changed over the last 100 years or so. 

Since the story talked about both France and England, Lily colored the flag for each country.

We talked about France. The language, the food. We watched Muzzy in French. 

 We tried another French snack: fruit and crackers with Brie. Lily approved!

We worked on our GeoPuzzle of Europe. We found France, England and the English Channel.

 We watched a few YouTube videos about the Wright Brothers and Louis Bleriot. We also watched "This is America, Charlie Brown!" There is an episode about the Wright Bros and the first flight in Kitty Hawk, NC.  You can find this episode for rent on YouTube, too:

We finished off our unit with a trip to Kitty Hawk, NC at the Wright Brothers Memorial!

There was a picture of Louis Bleriot on the wall. Lily was able to recognize him after our research this week. 

There was a kite making workshop at the museum. Lily got to create and fly her own kite.

From this rock, you could see the landing spots for the first four flights in history!

We took a long walk up to the top of the hill to see the memorial.

We went out on the sand dunes at Jockey's Ridge State Park to try to fly our kite. There wasn't enough wind, so Lily just got silly on the dunes. She enjoyed the visitor's center. There were a few exhibits about the animals that live in the park.

 This is our wall of art/work that Lily completed this week. She got quite a few things done, and really learned a lot about flight/planes.

Our next book will be The Little Red Lighthouse, and the Great Gray Bridge. In preparation for that row, we visited a lighthouse on the way home from our trip. 

 We had a great week! We are looking forward to learning about lighthouses next week!

Sunday, July 12, 2015


We have been on our Summer break for a few weeks. I wanted to do some light school for the Summer, so we picked a few Five in a Row titles to work on. We decided that Lentil looked fun, so we rowed that one first.

Lentil took place in "Alto", Ohio. The first thing we did was find Ohio on our map, and place our story disk.

We got out our Geo Puzzle of the United States and Canada, and put that together. We talked about different states, and where they are compared to where we are. Lily just had a friend move to CA, so she is very interested in how far away that is. 

Lentil tells the story of a boy who LOVED to make music, but could not sing or whistle. He learned to play the harmonica instead! He practiced all the time. His favorite place to practice was the bathtub. I got Lily a harmonica. She had fun practicing, but I could not get her to practice in the tub. She preferred practicing outside.

Lentil lived in a small town. We talked about small towns, and compared a small town to where we live, which is NOT small. We talked about the different buildings, and the train station, then Lily got to work to build her own small town and train station.

We talked a little about Patriotism. We talked about our flag and our country. Since we were rowing this book right at the 4th of July, we made some fun patriotic crafts. We made red, white and blue fireworks and also a red, white and blue shirt to wear on July 4th.

In the story, Old Sneep kept the band from playing by sucking on a lemon, which caused the members of the band to pucker their lips. They could not play their instruments with puckered lips. We decided to try a lemon, and see why it would cause puckering. 

Lily wasn't too sure about trying the lemon, but she did it!

 It got a thumbs-sideways. She gives that when it isn't good, but it isn't too bad, either.

We talked about our taste buds, and how we have different ones for sweet, sour, bitter and salty. Lily did an activity sheet about the different tastes there are.

We also discussed our other senses. We did a little experiment to show how the sound hit the ear drum, and creates vibrations.

Since we were talking about lemons, we made freshly squeezed lemonade. Lily loves lemonade, and she had a blast making it from scratch.

Thumbs up! SO much better than the powdered kind. :) 

We also made lemon chicken and lemon bars.  We got the recipes out of the FIAR cookbook. Lily loves to cook. Any time she sees me in the kitchen, she wants to help out. 

 Tasting the chicken-eh. She wasn't really impressed. (Mommy was! It was yummy!)

 Tasting the lemon bars.

 TWO thumbs up! They were delicious! Daddy said they weren't going to last long. They didn't. The whole pan was gone the next day.

In the book, Old Sneep liked to whittle. Lily wasn't sure what whittling was, so we looked up soap whittling on the internet. After looking at some pictures of different creations, she decided to try her own.

We talked about the illustrations in the book. The pictures in Lentil were drawn in charcoal. I gave Lily a piece of charcoal and she drew a few pictures. She tried smudging the charcoal, but didn't like that her fingers got dirty when she did it. 

That was our week! It was a lot of fun. Next week, we will be rowing The Glorious Flight. Lots of talk about planes and flight coming up! :)