Monday, March 9, 2015

Moving Beyond the Page 5-7: Unit 1: Habitats and Homes-week 2

We just finished our second week of MBTP 5-7. We are working on Animal Habitats. Lily has enjoyed this unit. This week we spent a lot of time identifying different habitats and talking about how each habitat provides things for animals to be healthy and safe.

Lily had to identify each habitat and write the name in the box. Lily usually writes entirely too large for the space provided, so she did pretty good with this activity.

We talked a lot about the Arctic this week. Lily said that is her favorite habitat. We spent some time on a few animal websites, and discussed the habitats.

We worked on some handwriting and number writing this week:


Lily isn't really big on drawing, so I was pretty pleased that she actually took the time to draw some Arctic animals for her habitat this week.

She drew a reindeer, and dictated a story for me to write down.

A little extra math was included in this week's lesson. 

We talked about graphs this week. Lily made a graph out of animal crackers. She enjoyed this activity-she got to eat them when she was finished. :)

Part of the lesson this week was for Lily to research the animal of her choice, and write a story about it. Lily chose the reindeer for this.

We also got some extra handwriting practice in. We used the Draw Write Now book for this. It had a reindeer in it, and a little bit of information to trace for handwriting practice.

We LOVE the Wild Kratts series. We watched a few episodes this week. 

Lily had to do a little role-playing this week. She was to act out the behavior of an animal, and we had to guess what she was.

We found a Leap Frog animal habitat sticker activity. It included the Aquatic and Rainforest habitats.

 We finished out our week with a trip to the aquarium. This was a great way for Lily to explore the Aquatic habitat, and she even got to see a couple of other habitats represented. We discussed how coral keeps fish safe and healthy by providing shelter and food. She even got to see some of the smaller fish hiding out in the coral.

She got to see a couple of animals that live in a desert habitat.

She got to see some rain forest animals.

 The rays were a very interesting part of the trip.

There is a marshland between the 2 aquarium buildings. We took a walk outside so we could see a marshland habitat up close.

 We found some aquatic animals at the gift shop. Lily spent the rest of the evening playing with those.

We finished up our week with another episode of the Wild Kratts.

Lily is really enjoying this unit on animal habitats. It has really sparked her interest in specific animals, and encouraging her to find out as much as she can about them. :)  We will see where next week leads us!

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