Sunday, January 18, 2015

Moving Beyond the Page/FIAR-Harold and the Purple Crayon

This week we read Harold and the Purple Crayon. This was a cute story about a boy who used his imagination. Since this was a FIAR story as well as a MBTP story, we started off by placing the story disk. Since the book didn't actually tell us where the story took place, I let Lily pick. She chose Pennsylvania. I think she picked it because on our map, PA is purple. :)

I put some butcher paper on the wall and let Lily go to town. She thought this was fun, because this is as close to drawing on the walls as she will ever be allowed. I told her to draw whatever she wanted. Lily is JUST now starting to get to the point where she will draw/color anything more than just a few lines.

We watched an episode of How It's Made: Crayons on Youtube. Lily found that pretty interesting, since she uses them all the time. :) You can find the episode here:

We also found lots of Harold and the Purple Crayon episodes to watch on Youtube. I didn't realize that it had been a series at one point, and it was really cute. You can find some episodes here:

Lily was still in dinosaur mode from last week, so we watched a Harold and the Purple Crayon episode with dinosaurs. (The dino is NOT eating the flying dino in the second pic-it just looks like that for some reason)

We talked about the phases of the moon, and why the moon looks like it changes  it's shape depending on when you look at it.


Since we were talking about the moon, I decided to do an activity that would demonstrate how craters are formed. I put some flour in a bowl and gave Lily some coins. She held them up high, and dropped them into the flour. Lily saw how the coins made "craters" in the flour, just like asteroids and rocks make craters on the surface of the moon.

 We discussed the color purple, and that it is a Secondary color. We talked about both Primary and Secondary colors, and Lily made a color wheel.

 I had seen some melted crayon art on Pinterest, and this just seemed like the perfect unit to do that activity. I got a new box of crayons, hot glued them to some poster board, and Lily got to work.

We talked about flat vs solid shapes, and talked about cubes and rectangular prisms. Lily was tracing some cubes and rectangles that she had found around the house.

Lily took the purple materials in her MBTP kit and made a purple collage.

One of the activities this week was to draw a neighborhood map. Lily took a LONG time on this project. I wasn't allowed in the kitchen until she was finished-she said it was a surprise. (Yes, she was wearing a Belle dress while she worked on this project)

Later in the week, we talked more about the cubes and rectangular prisms, and Lily made them out of marshmallows and toothpicks. Her favorite part was eating the marshmallows. ;)

I found a transportation sorting activity on, and Lily sorted things by Air, Land and Water.

She added a drawing to her reading/writing workshop journal.

We had a pie picnic! We made a purple Jello pie, a blueberry pie and a chicken pot pie. 

The purple Jello pie:

Lily making her blueberry pie:

Making the chicken pot pie:

A Pie Picnic! It was pretty tasty!

Lily approved! Yum!

 This week was fun! We are looking forward to Blueberries for Sal next week!

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