Monday, February 10, 2014

FIAR-Katy and the Big Snow

Katy and the Big Snow was a fun unit.  Lily really enjoyed this one. It helped that we got some snow while we were rowing this book, too. :) We took advantage of actually having snow. We discussed snow plows, and how they help clear the roads. We cleared our own "snow." (shaving cream) This was Lily's favorite activity during this row: 

We measured the snow that we got, and compared it to the snow that Geopolis got in the book. We only 8-9 inches. Nowhere near the 5 feet that dumped on Geopolis! We did our own science experiments with the snow. Lily played around to see what would happen if she put snow into water. We also measured out 3 inches of snow. I asked Lily if she thought it would be 3 inches of water when it melted. She said no, she thought it would be less. She was right! 3 inches of snow was 1/2 inch of water.

We built our own Geopolis out of blocks. We also made street signs to include in the city.

We spent some time just playing in the snow. Our neighbor came over and the girls did some snow painting.

This book talked a lot about community helpers, so we discussed lots of different community helpers, and what they do for the community. I found some cute printables on Pinterest for that unit.

One of Lily's absolute favorite things to do was a street sign graph. I gave her a sheet that had street signs on the bottom. When we were in the car, she had to look out for those signs and graph them on her sheet. She had a blast with that.

We finished up the unit by measuring different things around the house.

This book had so many things to dig in to. We could have spent even more time on each thing, but we can always row this one again later. We are moving on to Owl Moon next. When I told Lily that we were finished up with Katy and the Big Snow, she said "Aww, but I'll miss Katy!" I love that she gets "attached" to the characters. She is really into the books, and is enjoying her journey with FIAR.

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