Monday, February 3, 2014

Five In a Row-The Snowy Day

We live in an area that rarely sees snow. We usually get lots of rain. This week, we got lots of snow, so I thought that we would row The Snowy Day. We had fun with this one, but we didn't spend an entire week on it. We just kind of used it as a detour.

The first thing we did was make a Borax crystal snowflake to get ready for the snow coming in. This was a great science project. Our snowflake is now hanging from our ceiling fan at Lily's request.

We went out in the snow for a bit. We had read in the book about making snow angels, so she had to try it!

We didn't get to make a snowman, because the snow was not good packing snow. After freezing in the snow for a while, we came inside and made "inside snow."  It is just toilet paper, Ivory soap and water. It made a moldable "snow" that we could make a snowman with. :)

We made an icicle art project-watered down white paint with sparkly glitter. Lily blew the paint with a straw to make her "icicles."

Of course, no snow unit would be complete without coffee filter snowflakes. :)

We have a science kit that had some "insta-snow" in it. Lily spent an ENTIRE day playing with this stuff!
 While we had lots of fun with our snow activities, we still needed to do our regular phonics activities:

We also worked on our Singapore math:

All in all, it was a short, fun little detour unit. And it got us ready for the next week when we got MORE snow!

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