Sunday, December 6, 2015

MFW First Grade-Week 1

We have been working on My Father's World first grade for a couple of weeks. Lily really enjoyed it. She actually says "Yay!" when I tell her it is time to do school work. I think this will end up being a good year. It looks like the phonics program will be thorough, but the overall program is gentle enough to not overwhelm.

This week, we used the student sheets from MFW, a calendar page from Confessions of a Homeschooler-grab it here:, and the Usborne book Things Outdoors for Science.

We discussed where we live, and pointed it out on the globe.

This week was a review week, so Lily worked on writing her letters, and how they sound. These pages will be made into a scroll in week 3.

For math, we worked on our calendar page every day. We talked about our number of the day, and explored our pattern blocks.

 This is a kitty with a really long tail. :)

We also explored making patterns with Unifix cubes. The pattern activity gave way to making bridges, somehow.

 For science, we talked about worms and other creatures close to the ground. We watched some Wild Kratts and read books about worms.

 We went on a worm hunt and made a worm home. We will be watching it for a couple of weeks.

We finished up week 1 by making a worm/dirt cake treat. :)


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