Thursday, June 2, 2016

Summer Break and 2016/2017 Curriculum Choice

We did it! We finished first grade! It was a good year, but we were struggling by the end. Lily does NOT like busy-work. No worksheets, no writing sentences, just to write them. Nothing like that. We ended up doubling up on the work so we could finish early. She did great! Phonics is complete. Lily is doing really well with her reading.

I was all set on starting MFW Adventures with Lily this year, but I am putting it back for a year. We are going back to FIAR for second grade. Lily really started having some rough days at the end of first, and I want her to love her learning. Now that she really knows how to read, we can go back to our relaxed style of learning. It's what she likes, and how she learns best. I don't have any extra homeschool kids this year for daycare, so I can take more time to plan and implement lessons for Lily.

So, we will be starting FIAR soon, but for now, Lily is having a Summer break. A real one. One with swimming in the pool, building forts and picking strawberries, and going to festivals, carnivals and amusement parks. 

A Summer of sleeping in every day, and deciding her agenda for the day. Some days, she wants to watch her favorite shows and stay on the computer. Some days, she wants to draw and paint all day, some days, she wants to go outside and play. It is up to her. We don't do Summer enrichment activities, or activities to beat the "Summer Slide."  We learn every day, in everything we do. We don't need a special activity or workbook to help us along. Our learning is meaningful and relevant, so it isn't easily forgotten. And, really, isn't that the point?

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