Wednesday, October 2, 2013

MFWK Unit 3 -Leaf

We have had a busy Summer! I got away from keeping up with the blog, so I will try to catch up a bit. It takes us a LONG time to get through some of our units. I am supplementing our Math and Reading, so I have been stretching things out so Lily won't get overwhelmed. Some days, she doesn't feel like doing school at all, and that's ok. She's 4. She has plenty of time. :)

 We kicked off our Leaf unit with a trip to the Botanical Gardens. Lily loved it! We spent the day walking through the gardens (or the Forest, as she called it), reading about the different plants and picking different leaves. Some were almost as big as her!

We turned our Play Stand into a tree for the next few units. We cut out Fall colored leaves, and added 

 them to the play stand. Lily spent lots of time under her "tree".

We have been working on handwriting. Lily gets frustrated with the writing part of her school work, so I let her pick what she would like to write with. She has regular pencils, crayons, markers and colored pencils. Markers are her favorite right now, so I let her use them.

We took some of the leaves we collected on our trip to the Botanical Gardens to make some leaf rubbings.
We made a tree with leaves made from sponge painting:
We also have a little art set that I had stuck back for later use. It had a very cute picture in it, and Lily was to finish painting the leaves. She really enjoyed this project.

Lily asked me to teach her to read in the middle of this unit, so we started on that. We are using a couple of things. The first thing we are using is the Ready2Read program from the Moffatt Girls blog. It is FANTASTIC!  It is very hands-on, and it keeps Lily's attention the entire time. She is actually reading small books by herself, and has learned to sound out her letter blends while using this program.

We are also using Hooked On Phonics.  Another fun program! It uses DVDs, workbooks, books and computer games to teach. If your child is a hands on or multi-sensory learner, both of these programs are great!
Overall, it was a great unit. It took us a while to get through it, but I think once I get on a schedule with the reading and math, we will be able to get through our units faster. We are really enjoying MFWK so far!

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