Friday, May 10, 2013

MFWK Creation Unit

I decided to go ahead and start homeschooling Lily. I want to homeschool year round, so we can take breaks whenever we need to, and not feel like we are behind. She will be 4 yrs old tomorrow, so we have PLENTY of time to go through the units. I am going to do 2 years of Kindergarten with her. This year, we have chosen My Father's World. It is a complete curriculum, but it is kind of light, so I will be supplementing with additional activities. I also will be using Shiller Math, which is Montessoi based. Lots of hands-on manipulatives and stuff. You don't HAVE to supplement with anything. MFW is a complete Kindergarten curriculum. Lily just loves the activities, so I wanted to beef it up a little to suit her interests.

Each day this week, we learned about what God made on each day of Creation. Lily was to make a page for each day, and at the end of the unit, she had a Creation book.

This was just an extra little project. Since she loves crafts, I try to add them in when I can.

After her book was made, we discussed the difference between what God made, and what people made, and made a chart.

We did this sheet to review the days, and what was made on each day.

We made a small lap book to review the unit. I am going to TRY to be organized enough to do one of these for every unit. I think they will be a great review, and also a great way to look back on all that we learned this year. I want to add some pictures, and see how her work improves.

Next week, we will be starting the unit on the Sun. We have lots of fun activities planned for that one. Hopefully the weather cooperates. :)

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